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Construction Takeoffs

WIN more tenders with TASKT as your takeoff partner. Our takeoffs are detailed, accurate and use current local market data.

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Construction takeoffs for builders and contractors

gain a competitive edge

Master project costs with precise construction Takeoffs.

Takeoffs involve the quantification of all materials and labour required to complete a project, and are used by contractors, estimators, and project managers to create accurate bids and schedules.

Avoid cost overruns and gain control over materials and costs to empower builders, subcontractors, and manufacturers to move forward with confidence and clarity.

WIN more tenders with TASKT as your takeoff partner.

Takeoffs are foundational to the success of your construction project. As a certified quantity surveyor, TASKT provides a comprehensive range of takeoff services to the building and construction industry. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals provide a comprehensive service.

At TASKT we use the industry standard methodologies to ensure that our takeoffs are accurate and thorough. We also work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs.

Our construction takeoffs are performed manually directly from your plans, and although slightly more time-consuming, they will be far more accurate and allow us to present the data in the specific way you (or your builder etc) require.

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Why choose TASKT.

Precise & Accurate

Our accuracy and attention to detail ensures our clients face minimal surprises during the construction phase.

Local Market Data

We partner with established local builders and contractors, gaining exclusive access to real-time market data from your region, not national averages.

Experienced Team

Our experienced and qualified team of specialised professionals ensures that clients benefit from industry best practices and latest industry trends.

The kinds of takeoffs that TASKT produces for clients.

We develop any kind of building and construction takeoff you need. The level of detail required varies depending on the type of project. Talk to us today about your requirements.


Building takeoffs involve the quantification of all materials and labour required to construct a building. This includes items such as the foundation, walls, roof, and interior finishes.


Civil takeoffs involve the quantification of all materials and labour required to construct civil engineering projects, such as roads, bridges, and dams.


Electrical takeoffs involve the quantification of all materials and labour required to install electrical systems in buildings and other structures.


HVAC takeoffs involve the quantification of all materials and labour required to install heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in buildings and other structures.


Plumbing takeoffs involve the quantification of all materials and labour required to install plumbing systems in buildings and other structures.

Frequently Asked Questions about Construction Takeoffs.

What are construction takeoffs, and why are they important?

A construction takeoff involves meticulously quantifying all materials and labour required to complete a project. It’s essentially a detailed breakdown of every component needed, from timber and concrete to electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures. This information is crucial for:
Accurate estimates – Takeoffs form the foundation for accurate cost estimates, preventing budget overruns and ensuring project feasibility.
Informed bidding – Contractors use takeoffs to prepare competitive bids with confidence, knowing exactly what resources are involved.
Efficient procurement – Takeoffs guide material purchasing and scheduling, optimising resource allocation and avoiding delays.
Improved communication – By clearly outlining project requirements, takeoffs facilitate smooth communication and collaboration between stakeholders.

What information is included in a construction takeoff?

A comprehensive takeoff includes:
Quantities – The exact amount of each material needed, measured in linear feet, square feet, cubic yards, etc.
Descriptions – Precise specifications of each material, including size, grade, and brand.
Labour –  Estimation of labour hours required for each stage of construction, based on the materials and tasks involved.
Waste factors – Allowance for material waste due to cutting, scrap, and unforeseen circumstances.
Unit costs – Prices for each material and labour unit, based on current market rates or specific project factors.

Who performs construction takeoffs, and what qualifications are needed?

Takeoffs are done by experienced estimators, quantity surveyors, and project managers like the team at TASKT. We possess:
– Strong understanding of construction methods and materials.
– Proficiency in takeoff software and methodologies.
– Ability to interpret blueprints and technical drawings.
– Meticulous attention to detail and accuracy.
– Familiarity with local market prices and trends in Australia.

What are the different types of construction takeoffs?

Common types of takeoffs include:
Detailed takeoffs – Highly precise measurements for complex projects or critical components.
Basic takeoffs – General estimations for simpler projects or budget planning.
Conceptual takeoffs – Rough estimates based on preliminary designs or limited information.
Trade-specific takeoffs – Focused on specific trades like electrical, plumbing, or HVAC.

How does TASKT ensure the accuracy of my construction takeoffs?

Accuracy is paramount in takeoffs. Here are some key steps:
– We use clear and well-defined plans and specifications.
– We double-check all measurements and calculations.
– We involve only experienced professionals in the takeoff process.
– We consider local Australian market data and potential waste factors.
– We compare your takeoff with similar projects or industry benchmarks.
By understanding these key aspects and utilising best practices, we can optimise your construction takeoffs to maximise your project efficiency, minimise costs, and achieve successful outcomes.

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If you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner who understands the industry and uses current local market data, TASKT is the perfect choice for you next project.

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