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Handy online calculators and tools for common scenarios in the building and construction industry.

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Calculators. Construction estimating services for builder and contractors.

Calculators for Bricklayers and Concreters.

Here are some handy online calculators that brickies and concreters can use for building their building calculations.

Brick calculator

This brick calculator will help you estimate how many bricks you need to cover a particular wall area.

Brick Calculator

Mortar calculator

This mortar calculator will help you find out how many bags of mortar per concrete block or brick you will need

Mortar Calculator

Concrete calculator

This concrete calculator allows you to estimate how much concrete you need for a specific area and how many bags of concrete are required for this space

Concrete Calculator

Rebar Calculator

This rebar calculator allows you to find out how many rebars you need to create reinforcement in a concrete slab.

Rebar Calculator

Calculators for Carpenters & Chippies.

Here is a handy online calculator that chippies and carpenters can use to calculate a number of common building and construction scenarios they may face.

Framework calculator

This framing calculator allows you to quickly perform stud calculations for timber framing of walls and panels.

Calculators for Tilers.

Here are some handy online calculators that tilers and renovators can use for DIY tiling calculations.

Tile calculator

This tile calculator helps you calculate the number of tiles necessary for a project like tiling a floor or wall.

Tile Calculator

Grout calculator

This tile grout calculator helps to calculate how much tile grout or tile gap filling for a tiling project.

Grout Calculator

Calculators for Painters.

Here is a handy online paint calculator that can painters and renovators can use for their DIY painting calculations.

Paint calculator

This paint calculator is here to help you determine how much paint you need for a given room or area.

Paint Calculator
Using builders estimating software in Australia

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Using builders estimating software in Australia

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