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The TASKT team bring a rare blend of on-ground experience and industry insights that distinctively sets us apart in the realm of construction consulting and estimation.

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Team at TASKT. Quantity surveying for commercial building and construction.

Here’s why the TASKT’s Team makes a difference.

Diverse Project Portfolio

Having worked on major projects both within Australia and internationally, the team brings a breadth of knowledge from varied construction environments. They can draw parallels, understand nuances, and adapt best practices from different regions.

Empathy towards Client Challenges

Since the team comes from the industry, they can deeply empathise with the challenges clients face. This gives them an unparalleled understanding of client needs, enabling them to craft solutions that truly resonate.

Continuous Learning

The ever-evolving nature of construction means there’s always something new on the horizon. Drawing from their rich background, the TASKT team is adept at assimilating new trends, technologies, and methods, ensuring clients always get the latest and best in the industry.

Holistic Approach

Beyond the brick and mortar, the TASKT team, given their expansive experience, understands the business side of construction – be it budgeting, timelines, compliance, or stakeholder management. This holistic perspective ensures that solutions are not just technically sound but also commercially viable.

Network and Collaborations

Given their extensive work across projects and regions, the team has cultivated a rich network of collaborators, suppliers, and industry experts. Clients benefit from these connections in the form of better resources, partnerships, and insights.

Warren Fryer - TASKT

Warren Fryer


Led by Warren Fryer, a licensed commercial builder, the team has hands-on experience from working “at the coalface”. This means we don’t just know the theory – we’ve lived the practical challenges and solutions in the field.

About Warren

Leadership and discipline from Military Training.

Warren’s tenure in the Australian Army has imbued him with a sense of discipline, leadership, and teamwork. These traits are integral to managing large construction projects, ensuring that they run efficiently, on schedule, and to the highest standards.

Community-centric approach.

Warren’s involvement in community organisations demonstrates a commitment to societal well-being. This translates to a TASKT ethos that values sustainability, ethical practices, and giving back to the community, making Taskt not just a service provider, but a responsible corporate citizen.

Diverse skillset within the team.

The team’s training in varied construction-related fields ensures a holistic approach to projects. Whether it’s design nuances, intricate project management, or on-ground construction management, clients benefit from a multi-pronged expertise that’s hard to find under one roof.

Crisis management.

Military training often involves dealing with unexpected scenarios and making swift decisions. This skill is invaluable in the construction sector, where unexpected challenges can arise. Warren’s background ensures that such challenges are met head-on, with swift and effective solutions.

Using builders estimating software in Australia

TASKT Services

TASKT stands at the forefront of industry excellence, providing guidance and solutions that are as innovative as they are practical.

Using builders estimating software in Australia

TASKT Capabilities

We bring efficiency, agility and precision to every aspect of every project. Ensuring each job is broken down, quantified and scheduled accurately 

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