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Residential Building and Construction

TASKT offers services to the residential building and construction sector including managing contractors, builders, and trades like electrical, plasterers and painters.

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Residential Building and Construction TASKT services are used by Tradies.

We exceed expectations

Tailored approach and support for the residential building & construction industry.

TASKT offers precision in cost estimation and take-offs, aligning with the intricate requirements of the residential building and construction sector. From pre-construction planning to post-construction administration, our services streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and support builders in delivering quality structures.

Our tailored approach ensures that every client receives the specialised support they need. By understanding the nuances of each client profile, we deliver services that not only meet expectations but exceed expectations. If you seek a partner that values precision, innovation, and a hands-on approach, TASKT is here to serve you.

Managing contractors within the residential building & construction industry.

We provide a suite of services that empowers clients to focus on execution, assured that all pre-construction and construction aspects are being expertly managed. Whether it’s at the tender stage or during construction, our specialised support is designed to bring efficiency, quality, and financial prudence to every project.

Builders prefer to use TASKT.

Our partnership with builders goes beyond mere estimation. We support builders with detailed take-offs, bill of quantities (BoQ), construction administration, and more, ensuring a strong foundation for construction. From cost control to project management, our solutions are designed to align with builders’ specific goals and challenges.

Delivering innovation for construction.

Specialising in construction systems, TASKT offers detailed estimation and innovative design solutions. Our support in managing the intricacies of construction planning, procurement, and compliance ensures optimised performance and safety, meeting industry standards and sustainability goals.

We support the Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) industry.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) contractors benefit from TASKT’s precise cost estimation, project coordination, and compliance support. From initial planning to execution, our team offers comprehensive electrical solutions, including BoQ, ensuring all components are aligned with both regulatory requirements and efficiency objectives.

We support Roofers.

Roofers find value in our meticulous take-offs, BoQ, and construction administration. Our specialised support ensures roofing projects are weather-resistant, aesthetically aligned, and financially viable. We help roofers navigate material selection, safety compliance, and quality control, driving successful project outcomes.

We support Plasterers and Painters.

Our collaboration with plasterers and painters focuses on the fine details that elevate the finishing phase. From estimating material requirements to quality oversight, our support ensures finishes are applied with artistry, efficiency, and within budget constraints. TASKT provides the necessary insights and coordination to achieve the desired aesthetics and durability.

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If you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner who understands the industry and uses current local market data, TASKT is the perfect choice for you next project.

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